Testimonials | AMSTies, Inc.

“Credit reports reveal whether a person honors agreements; that’s everything.” TIES Corporation

“Criminal checks are like an insurance policy, landlords are being held liable for placing violent felons as
tenants.” Friends in Deed Management

“AMSties is invaluable to our business ” Rentals Only Rentals Inc.

“I thought I was a good judge of character until we joined AMSties.” Affordable Elegance

“Reports can be complicated, having AMSties available for interpretation is like having our own credit
division. . . without the overhead.” Van Whit Associates

“Your operators are always courteous and friendly” Gloria Nilson

“We have recommended your services to a number of associates” Finnegan Management

“An applicant’s history is sure to be his future” Barman and Cooper PA

“Public records such as judgments liens or bankruptcies tell a story about the person you are about to
do business with.” Whitley Property Management