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Credit Reports


What does a credit file reveal?

  • Total debt
  • Number of accounts
  • Description of accounts
  • Payment patterns
  • Recent credit inquiries
  • Credit score when requested

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Credit reports give you a lot of information about how the person pays their bills and honors financial obligations. Landlord/Tenant Records can complete that information picture about your prospective tenant.

You obtain access to public records of complaints filed for eviction against your applicant. These records are for lease violations that have gone to court. Non-payment of rent is the most common reason for a landlord/tenant court filing.

Legal & Ethical Policy

Access to confidential credit files require registration with AMSTies…

Applicant confidentiality is the highest priority at AMSTies.

Registration is simple and fast; you must pledge to:

  • Abide by the law
  • Respect private information.
  • Get permission in writing from the applicant
  • Show us that you are conducting legitimate business transactions with your applicants.

AMSTies assures both appropriateness for accessing confidential information,
and voluntary applicant signatory participation.

Guaranteed Immediate Service

We guarantee immediate process of registration upon receiving all the necessary forms required to complete registration. You pay only for the information ordered. Please view our complete Price List for prices.

How to Order Credit Reports