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How to Order Reports


Credit reports are subject to the rules and regulations of the Federal Fair Credit Reporting Act of 1978 and all its subsequent legislative revisions, the Federal Privacy Act and various State laws. Access to credit reports require registration and compliance guarantees from the applicant.

Registration is mandatory.


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Positively Identify your applicant – Look at: Drivers’ License, Social Security Card, Passport, State Issued ID, Pay Stub. Make sure you have correct spelling of the name, social security number, address and Date of Birth. Having accurate identifiers helps assure that you get all the information/correct information on your applicant.


Be sure information is LEGIBLE: Minimum Information Needed:
Full Name – including middle initial and generation (I, II, III, Jr, Sr)
Social Security Number
Full Current United States Address
Date of Birth **Required only if ordering Criminal Background Checks


Signed Disclosure & Release Form or Application – granting you permission to order the report(s).

Uploaded to our office through this site – you will be prompted to attach the signed form.

3 Methods to order your report – Choose ONLY one.

  1. Upload to this website – follow prompts – Easiest & Fastest Method
  2. Fax in the Signed authorization and Order Form to: 1-800-522-8437 OR 1-877-296-3868
  3. E-mail signed authorization and order form to:

Your report will be processed within a few hours of receipt during our office hours: 9a-5p EST

** You can call or e-mail to confirm our receipt of your request**

Please do not RESEND requests without confirming that we did NOT receive it.