Individual Landlord Application Requirements | AMSTies, Inc.

Individual Landlord Application Requirements

1. Please download, complete and sign the following forms:

2. Fax or Mail the completed forms to us.

You must also provide proof of any rental properties.

For information on how to prove a rental property, please see our Proof of Rental Property document.

AMSties, INC
PO Box 271
Beachwood NJ 08722

Tel:. 800-662-8437
Fax #1: 800-522-8437
Fax #2: 877-296-3868

3. Onsite Verification

For those accessing credit report information, an onsite verification is required.

For information regarding onsite verification, please see our Onsite Verification Explanation document.

Please contact us regarding this step if you have any questions.

Your registration will be processed by our staff immediately. There is a one-time enrollment fee. It can be paid by credit card (MC/VISA/AMEX/Discover) or check.

We prefer to take payments via credit cards. We do also accept checks.

There are no monthly credit card minimums. However, there is an annual fee of $10.00 for inactive accounts.

Once the onsite verification is complete, you will receive a new registration packet which includes your customer number and password. Your customer number MUST be used with all correspondence/report requests that are faxed or mailed to us. Online correspondence/report requests will automatically include your customer number.